New Single “Earthquakes” (feat. Katharina Stenbeck)

Ganga @ Sumida Aquarium, Skytree in Tokyo, Japan (sept. 2014)

Ganga Skytree DJ Set @ Sumira Aquarium, Tokyo Skytree sept 2014 by Ganga on Mixcloud

There is a new EP out called “Late into the Night” -

it features poet and vocalist extraordinaire Vanessa Daou, and remixes are by Terry Lee Brown Jr, Nicholas Sechaud & Ron and this ambient mix by Ganga himself. Check it out. Good stuff for the club AND for the hammock also.

Check the new video: “Summerheat” (feat. Annemarie Zimakoff”)

New release on April 21st – “Clouds Revisited”. The original chill out music classic “Clouds” has been put in the hands of DJ 19, Genuine Fakes, Polar Rundfunk and Horizontal Mode. The result is a journey from downtempo beach chills by DJ 19 to harder hitting art house club track by Polar rundfunk. Check out this little teaser here.


Ganga – Wondrous Machine


Its a great pleasure to announce the release of the next longplayer from the hands of Ganga. On january 29th – the new long player album “Wondrous Machine” will see the day of light on the german label Wormland. Wormland is normally a uptempo label with focus on more clubby stuff. However the last couple of years has seen the label  releasing a few downtempo compilations and also a few artist albums. Lenny Ibizarre has a release with Wormland and also the greek national famous musician Mikis Theodorakis has collaborated with Francisco Diaz on a downtempo release on the label.

And now Ganga joins the chill out music party on the downtempo branch of the german house label.

The album “Wondrous Machine” features vocals by long time collaborator singstress extraordinaire Helle Chirholm, Nicolaj Grandjean, Annemarie Zimakoff and Gangas remix of a track by Josete Ordonnez featuring Ana Salazar. On top of that there is Mayas new remix of the Ganga classic “Sweet Morning“. Check this space for more news from the Copenhagen Chill Out hub. And dont forget to visit Ganga on Facebook at


So here it is.  “Sky come Down”. Including – amongst other mellow tracks  – the previously unreleased cut “Blue Heart” featuring Sophie Tusnelda. “Strange Paradise” and “When I close my eyes” are other vocal highlights and features Cecilie Acklon.

It is Gangas first official US album release. Thanks to the team at Kid Recordings to make this happen. Get it here on Itunes:

Here is another album cut for you to enjoy and share — “Blue Heart (feat. Sophie Tusnelda)”. From the next album release Tuesday the 8th of October on Kid Recordings (NYC)

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All Gangas Chill Classics together in one tasty Collection.

Check it out here



Ganga featured on Cafe Del Mar 13


Ganga featured on “Cafe Del Mar Classical” – with “Gymnastics” and “Airstrings”. “Airstrings” written under the alias “Space One”. Oldtimers Erik Satie and J.S. Bach has been under the knife in Gangas workshop. Stay tuned for some revised versions of these tracks…. if you sign up for the newsletter it will be sooner ;-)




Ganga Sky Coming Down (Sunshine Jones Remixes)

Ganga remixed by Sunshine Jones

For Ganga’s  “Sky Coming Down” remixes, Sunshine Jones (of San Francisco’s pioneering Dubtribe Sound System) cleverly re-imagines the introspective moodscape into a synapse-bursting, cosmic disco workout heavily inspired by electronic music innovators like Manuel Göttsching, Tom Middleton and Francois K. Jones delivers an expansive set of energized, floor-filling mixes punctuated with infectious, chugging electro grooves, trippy synth swells, warm ambient washes and soul-stirring vocal chants.



The new EP features Sophie Tusnelda and is available now in the shop  and soon also in a physical copy as well from the shop.

Ganga - Circle


“Gymnastics ” is the single from the  EP “Circle”, and is written with a big inspiration from oldtimer Erik Satie. Its been done before yes, but check this one out please – its different.


Ganga - Forget Gravity

Ganga - Forget Gravity

Ganga is chilled downtempo/midtempo electronic listening music with lots of balearic guitars, electronic dubs,  rolling bassgrooves, beautiful vocals and meticulous electronic production.

Gangas laid back tracks features on Buddha Bar, Cafe Del Mar, Nirvana Lounge, Real Ibiza, Klassik Lounge, Cafe Mambo, Supperclub Beauty, Siddharta, Serve Chilled and all in all well over 150 compilations worldwide.

As a DJ or live performer, Ganga has performed on Buddha Bar (Dubai), Kafe Karma (Dubai), Cafe Del Mar, Sands, El Chiringuito, Hotel Es Vive, Atzaro, Kumharas, Villa Mercedes (all Ibiza) and many other downtempo hotspots around the world.

So kick back, slow down your thoughts and enjoy the mellow ride.


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